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Round 4 Starts Thursday

posted Mar 19, 2013, 9:39 PM by FightingFor Mya

So, around 6pm or so on Monday night, Mya's oncology doctor called us with the results of her blood work. She said that Mya's white blood cell count was at 2,000 and everything else looked good. Didn't think Mya was neutropenic anymore. She gave Mya the green light to start Round 4 of chemo this coming Thursday.

So, Ray stayed with Mya today, while I went to work in the snow. Wasn't too terrible of a drive and I was able to get a lot done. I had a doctor's appt. for baby #2, but that got cancelled. Hoping to reschedule at some point.

Ray said that Mya had a good day, she had lots of energy and they played alot. I told her tonight that it was time for Round 4 and that we had to go back to the hospital. The doctors there are still helping her with the boo-boo in her head. I'm pretty sure she understands. She knows that she stays for a little while and then gets to come home. We don't go into too much detail, but try to give her enough so she won't have too much anxiety over the stay.

I'm pretty sure that Ray and I will both go down on Thursday to get checked in and settled. I will be coming back home that night and Ray will take the first shift with Mya.

I have a "secret" brunch on Saturday with some of the girls. They wanted to have a small get together to celebrate our second daughter's impending arrival. It will be a nice distraction. Afterwards, I will journey to Boston to relieve Ray so he can get some solid sleep. He might even continue the painting in Mya's room! :)

It's nice that we have finally gotten to go ahead for Round 4, but I have some apprehension of going through another round of chemo. Two more rounds to go and then we will see what the MRI says....

I'll post again in a day or so!