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Small fieldtrip..

posted May 20, 2013, 4:52 PM by FightingFor Mya

Everyone had a very restful night last night. Mya came home and wanted to eat some cereal, so we let her have as much as she wants (3 bowls of dry Kixxs, not too shabby!) We didn't hook her up to her liquid formula, decided to give her a break and let her have some uninterrupted sleep.

Ray let me get some uninterrupted sleep last night as well. I went to bed around midnight, got up around 4:30am to pump, then went right back to sleep. It was great to get the needed sleep, but felt more tired today. Think I'm getting too used to too little sleep! :( Ray will catch up tonight on his sleep, which he definitely needs.

All day today, Mya has been eating. First it was more cereal, then some whole milk. She then gave a blueberry pancake a try (ate about 5 bites). I asked her if she wanted to go to the grocery store with me to get more Kixx cereal (since she ate all that we had left!). She said she did. So, I got her dressed and off we went. Ray stayed home with Gia.

Mya did great at the store! We got some more cereal, some strawberries, and some bananas for her. She ate all of this when we got home, except the bananas (maybe tomorrow), in addition to more of the cereal and more of some blueberry pancakes.

We have no idea where her appetite is coming from, but we aren't questioning it. If she asks for something, she is going to get it! We will try to bulk her up as much as possible in preparation of her upcoming hospital stay.

Tomorrow, I'll be home with both kids so Ray can try to log in some time at work. Hope Mya's appetite is here to stay!