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Small Setback?

posted Apr 2, 2013, 8:13 PM by FightingFor Mya

So, Mya had her blood tested on Monday. Once Dana Farber got the results, they wanted to see her the same day. So, I packed us up and drove down to Boston. Mya's platelet count was at 7k (normal is 150-300K), and her hemoglobin was at 6.5 (normal is between 10-11). They wanted to give her platelets first, then red blood cells on Tuesday. I was glad it was platelets because that only takes about an hour. We got there before 3pm, and left just before 5pm - home around 6:30pm with the fun Boston traffic.

Ray & I got her ready for bed, then tried to relax ourselves. We checked her temperature throughout the night and it was slowly creeping towards the 100.4 mark. If it gets there we have to take her to Boston Children's to see what is causing the fever. Mya made it to the morning without getting to 100.4. However, once Ray had her at Dana Farber for her red blood cell infusion, she did spike to fever level.

That meant that they needed to admit her to see what was causing the fever and to try to get it down. They held off for a little bit on the red blood cells to see if her fever would go down, but they eventually started the infusion. They took some blood cultures to see if they can tell what is causing the fever, but the results won't be ready until sometime on Wednesday.

Mya is on the 6th floor now. The 9th was completely booked. Ray told me tonight that Mya seems to be feeling better after getting the blood, alot of hydration, and some Children's tynenol to help combat the fever.

On Wednesday, I will go to work, then drive down to relieve Ray at the hospital. The doctors are hopeful that Mya will be able to be released either on Thursday or Friday of this week. I'll let everyone know how Mya is feeling tomorrow!