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Surgery Again

posted Jun 23, 2013, 8:49 AM by FightingFor Mya

I've just spoken with Ray about Mya's status. Since she has been in the ICU, they have been monitoring her closely. She continues to spike fevers, then recover. She was given a medication to help regulate her heartrate and blood pressure and it has helped. They had been weaning her off of this, but her levels bottomed out over night last night, then came back. The ICU and transplant teams met this morning and decided that Mya has some type of infection. They've been giving her a broad spectrum of antibiotics, but with out knowing what & where the infection is, it's extremely difficult to get rid of it.

They have decided to remove her central IV line. This line is made of plastic and bacteria loves plastic. They HOPE that once this is removed, she will stop spiking fevers and her levels will get better. When she is in during this surgery, they will examine every inch of her to see if she has a cut or anything else on her that might be infected. They will also take the time to clean her G-tube while she is under.

She will be given an IV in her arm and hand, so they will be able to continue to administer all her medications. We are hoping that her immune system will start to come back this coming week. In a week or so, they will look to re-insert the central IV line AGAIN.

The teams think this is the best course of action. Both Ray and I are nervous, but think that this is the way to go. The procedure will take about an hour & half. Afterwards, she will be brought right back to the ICU to recover. Will post again to share the outcome...