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Tough couple of days..

posted Apr 10, 2013, 5:30 PM by FightingFor Mya

I haven't posted since this past weekend. It's been a little busy for us. Ray and I have been taking turns staying with Mya as we all wait for her levels to increase. Her fever went away in a day or so, but because her ANC was basically at zero; it meant that we have to stay in the hospital until they reach 200 and are climbing.

Well, Mya's ANC reached 10 on Monday, 30 on Tuesday, and today (Wed), they are at 70. At this rate, we MIGHT be home by either Saturday or Sunday. That will mean that this hospital stay will be almost two weeks. They still don't know why she spiked a fever originally. If she hadn't, we could have spent all this time at home instead of the hospital.

The new complication we have been dealing with is her abdominal pain. It started a week ago today, when Ray and one of the nurses had to clean and turn her G-tube. Ever since then, her entire core has been extremely sensitive and painful. We've had x-rays taken and an ultrasound done as well. All tests have been clear, showing no issues. The doctors are hoping that when her levels increase, her pain will go away. They are theorizing that because she doesn't have an immune system, it is making any aches & pains that she may have more pronounced. We will see.... We are trying to stay on top of her discomfort with pain medicine, but I'm not really thrilled about the continuous need of this.

So, if we get out of the hospital this weekend, we will be home until Mya's ANC is at 500 or higher. Then, we will be scheduled for Round 5 of chemo. The timing looks to be right on track with my having baby #2. Ray and I both think that I will be in the hospital at the same time as Mya. I do have a back-up so, if I have to go in I will have support during labor (thanks Tara!).

Will post again soon!