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Trying to get everyone healthy

posted Dec 28, 2013, 3:03 AM by FightingFor Mya   [ updated Dec 28, 2013, 3:04 AM ]

Well, Mya got my stomach flu yesterday. She struggled Thursday night with the runs, whimpering with the cramps in her tummy. So, we didn't sleep; taking her to the bathroom, changing her diaper, keeping her calm.

This morning, Ray said that we should keep our radiation appointment. He said that while we were waiting for our turn, Mya could get hydration to help her body recover faster. My husband is really smart!!! That's what he did. After the session & recovery, Mya had been given 200ml of fluids. She looked better than when she left! We got her ready for bed early, to try to get her caught up on sleep. Of course, we put her on liquid formula to try to get her calorie intake back up. Wrong decision!! We just finished cleaning up her & her bedding. The bug isn't done with her yet. *sigh*

Ray & I have tickets to the Celtics tomorrow. I got them at the end of last September. I'm excited by the thought of spending some time with him away from the kids. We haven't had many chances to do things like this and I really want both of us to go; however it will really depend on how our children are feeling. Don't want to ask any sitter to deal with sick kids. Never mind one of them has cancer, adding a stomach bug onto that would be just too much. So, here's to hoping that we've seen the last of this bug and everyone is on the road to recovery.

Ray was able to get together with Jim Dame & we were given the money that was raised from the spaghetti event as well as the bands playing at the Dover Legion that same night. It was a mind-boggling $2,800.00!! A huge thank you from us to Jim and his supporters, we are so grateful for your efforts.

Now, it's off to bed for us. We are hoping to catch up on our sleep as well. I think in the past 4 days, I have a total of 12 hours of sleep. Sweet dreams to you and yours!