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Turned the corner?

posted Jan 12, 2014, 10:45 PM by FightingFor Mya

Well, got to Boston yesterday with no problems. Mya was really happy to see me! The whole day, all she talked about was that mommy was coming with more stickers! And I've brought plenty! We visited together for a few minutes, then Ray had to go to try to beat the traffic. Didn't really, it took him 2 hours to get back.

We had a good night, the new wing of the hospital is really nice. It makes for a longer walk to everything, but it is quieter. Both of us slept pretty good. I'm still coughing, so it was hard to fall asleep, but once achieved got some good sleep. Mya still has her cough, but the coughing fits seem to be less.

Mya's diaper area seems a lot better today. The staff has been putting the diaper cream on so thick, almost like they are icing a cake. It has to get done this way because the diarrhea has made the area so raw. It looked a lot better today than yesterday, which is good. Today, Mya's only had two episodes of diarrhea, we think her gut is finally starting to recover. We've gotten her feeds up from 5mls yesterday to 15ml today. We are going to go to 20mls around 6pm today. The more we can increase this and not have her vomit and not have diarrhea, the closer we are to going home. She hasn't vomited since Thursday, they've been strict with the anti-nausea medications.

Her ANC was 780 yesterday, it's bumped up to 860 today. Her white count has increased as well. Her hemoglobin is at 7.3. If it is still the same with this evenings draw, they will give her some red blood cells. The staff seems to feel that she is recovering, just really slowly.

I know she is feeling better because she has started to ask me to go home. That means she feels better and wants out of here! We just have to get the body ready, I know her mind is more than ready! Looking forward to a un-eventful evening. Go Pats!!!