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Update - Feb 21

posted Feb 21, 2013, 5:52 PM by FightingFor Mya
Today, we went to two appointments in Boston. At 1pm, we met with Dr. Jason our ophthamologist. He played and tricked Mya into doing the eye sight test to see how she is doing. He said that she does have a small scratch on her eye, but he wants us to continue to put lubricate in her eye to help it stay moist. He did say that we can keep her eye patch on her good eye for up to 4-6 hours, instead of the 2 we have been doing. He said it was ok to work the eye a little harder.

Then, off to Dana Farber to see Dr. Nathan, our oncologist. He reviewed Mya's blood panel and determined that she will need a red blood cell infusion and possibly some plateletts as well. So, I will go back tomorrow with my mom and we will get that taken care of. We have to be really vigilant and careful right now. Mya is what they call nutripinic (sp?). That means she is basically at zero and has NO immune system whatsoever. If she spikes a fever, she will be admitted to the hospital and given antibiotics. This would probably delay the start of another chemo session.

We are hoping that after the infusion tomorrow, her system will start its recovery. We are scheduled to go back to Dana Farber on Monday, to get the last of the chemo for Round 3 (its's just a shot), then we should be in the clear until March 7th. That's when they want to start Round 4. However all that will depend on if her system is ready to do battle again.

Will write again to let you know how we fare with the infusion.