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Update From Michele

posted Feb 20, 2013, 1:37 PM by FightingFor Mya
Today, I went to work and Ray stayed home with Mya. During the morning, Ray said that Mya was sick many times and had a hard time of it. We were hoping that with the clinical trial anti-nausea medication, she would do ok with the being sick part. However, due to the fact that the oncology team decided to go the heavy route with the chemo drugs, we think that the anti-nausea just can't keep even with it. I can' imagine how she would be without the clinical trial drug... wow is all I can say.

Mya is sleeping now and hopefully when she wakes she will feel better. We have an appointment with Ophthamology tomorrow at 1pm to get a status on how her eye is doing. Following this appointment, we will meet with Oncology at Dana Farber at 2:15pm to discuss how Mya is doing after the 3rd chemo round.

We are very interested to learn where Mya is at regarding her blood panel levels. I'm sure that she has bottomed out, but as always we are keen to learn when her levels will begin to rise.

I'll post again after our appointments to let everyone know the outcome and where we stand within the fight.