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Very different day in Boston...

posted Mar 6, 2014, 6:35 PM by FightingFor Mya

This past Saturday, I took Mya to the Boston Aquarium. It was a very different day in Boston for us. Normally, when we are there it involves tests, doctors, treatments, and usually tears. Not this time! This time, it was a day full of laughs, exploring, and fun!

We asked our friend Heather to come and she brought her son, Noah. He is only 11 months old, but he is quite the adventurer himself! We got the kids settled in the back seat by 9am and off we went. We arrived at the Aquarium around 10:30am. Its located right at the Boston Cruise ship wharf. We parked and went to the ticket booth. We had advanced ticketing so we didn't have to wait in the long line. As we approached the door, we spotted a display off to the left. It has a few seals inside! They swam back and forth, waving their flippers at us. Mya loved it! She laughed and laughed.

Once inside, we saw the penquin display. I was able to get Mya right up close to the glass so she could see in. All the penquins were walking around or swimming. Mya became REALLY excited, shouting and pointing them out to me. It was awesome to see!

At the center of the Aquarium is a gigantic tank. There is a ramp that goes along the outside of it, so as you walk up the ramp you can see inside of the tank. There are hundreds of fish inside, swimming around and arround. There are also two enormous sea turtles. One is bigger than me! Mya shrieked and laughed at him. I spotted a diver inside the tank, feediong the fish and pointed him out to Mya. She was fascinated by the fact that you could actually be inside the tank with the fish.

We took Mya over to the tidal pool, where you are able to touch some of the sea creatures. Heather helped Mya touch starfish, crabs, and even a sea urchin. She had the best time.

After we were done, we made our way over to The Cheesecake Factory. Mya tried to eat some pasta (but didn't), She ended up sharing my noodles and the fruit from Noah's order.

By the time we made our way back to the car, both kids were exhausted. Mya was out like a light after 3 minutes. But that's ok, Heather & I had a nice chat on the ride home.

Thank you to our friend who got us the tickets. You helped us have an amazing time. I'm now on the lookout for our next adventure. I've gotten some suggestions, thank you. I will look to keep everyone posted. Have a great week everyone!