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Visitors galore!

posted Sep 20, 2014, 9:41 PM by FightingFor Mya

Mya had a pretty good day yesterday. We had some good friends come and visit, as well my brother Alex. Everyone stayed through the afternoon, into the early evening. While it was busy, it was such a welcome distraction. Mya was able to sleep for a bit, then awake up and visit with everyone. Her night last night was peaceful and we got some much needed rest.

Today, we had my mom come down with Gia, with some more of our friends. Mya was awake for a little bit of their visit, but fell back to sleep. Gia had the best time! She explored the room and charmed all the nurses and doctors! They stayed until about 1:30 pm or so. My brother's family and my younger brother came by around 1pm. They visited all afternoon. My neighbors and my brother-in-law were also by. Mya was sleeping when they came, but woke up for short periods of time. Then, later in the afternoon, our friends who visited yesterday came back for a second visit. As you can imagine, it has been a very full couple of days. Yesterday, Mya was able to talk and interact with everyone. Today, Mya spent the day sleeping.

We are trying to find the right level of morphine for her. It's difficult because you don't want to give her too much so she is zonked out from the medicine, but you don't want to give her too little and leave her in pain. All day we have been struggling with finding the right mixture. I was going to go out for a bite to eat, but decided that I shouldn't leave her side.

Mya's breathing when she sleeps is starting to become heavy and a little irregular. There are periods where I'm counting the seconds between her breaths. It's more than a little terrifying wondering if she is going to take another one...

We are hoping to have another quiet night.