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Walking again

posted Dec 16, 2013, 5:56 PM by FightingFor Mya

Sunday was a good day. Mya started the day by walking from her bedroom to the living room. We got the driveway cleared of snow and had a good home-cooked lunch of roast pork. Mya sat at the table with us, had a bite of carrot and a few bites of a roll with butter. So happy to see the progress! Mya drank almost a half gallon of milk throughout the day. Great intake of calories! :) Mya asked a couple of times if the mail had come. We explained that it was Sunday & the mailman doesn't work on Sunday. Told her that maybe on Monday there would be more cards. I read them to her, she loves to see what is inside each one...

Monday, we went to Boston for Session 4. Mya did really well. She walked around for the doctors! Everyone was really happy to see it! She looks forward to doing crafts in the children's room before her sessions. I think we will have quite the collection when the sessions are done! We are happy that she is able to find something to distract her from all the medical procedures.

We hope she will continue to improve. If she does, we may just make it to Disney world after the 1st of the year!