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Where did the weekend go?

posted Mar 3, 2013, 4:15 PM by FightingFor Mya

We had a very full weekend. Friday night I went to Uno's in Dover, NH to meet up with some people who came out to support Mya and her fight with brain cancer. It was really great to see everyone and our family really appreciates everyone donating their time, energy, and dollars to help our family in need.

On Saturday, Rusty & Ray moved all the guest furniture downstairs into the finished room. Rusty removed the window from Mya's room and sheetrocked & insulated the hole. I cleaned all the floors in order to keep the mess to a minimum because we have to live in this house! :) Mya was really good too, and let us get what we needed to do done. That in inself is an accomplishment!

On Sunday afternoon, Grandma came to visit with Micky (one of her dogs) as a treat to Mya. Mya had a lot of laughs and fun during the visit. Grandma is helping us out by taking some of Mya's old newborn clothes and getting them washed for the new baby. She also took the bedding for the bassett to get that ready too.

After Grandma left, we gave Mya a much needed tubby. Not a lot of water, but it was enough to get the feeling of being clean and she was relaxed after getting into her jammies.

For Monday, we are off to Boston to do our kidney test and hearing test. Hopefully, the day will be uneventful. Have a great Monday everyone!